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Following Local Artists on Facebook

I lightly touched upon the benefits of networking with local musicians at Open Mic nights in this previous post. Additionally, its important to like/follow their Facebook pages with your own page. From there you can access your pages feed, and get a nice view of what other artists you like are doing. Besides supporting them, there is a lot of lessons to be learned from this feed.

Relay Now Supporting Custom URLs

Our content sharing tool: Relay now supports custom urls. These can be accessed by editing your content via the dashboard at

A Broader Net

TL;DR - change your public URLs to by 11/01

Templating Booking Inquiry Emails

DIY musicians need to send booking inquiries on a regular basis. Putting the time and consideration into a well crafted, reusable template saves time and ensures quality.

Bandflare Event Recommendation Engine V1 Released

Version 1 of Bandflare Events is now released. It is a experiment in suggesting local events based off usernames. The event listings are provided by SeatGeek.

5 Dark Principals Of Networking

1. Divorce Yourself From Fantasy

Pop culture is littered with endless fables of fortune shining down upon an unsuspecting average Joe, lore of unworldly luck to keep the populace of hopefuls striving to attain a breed of archetypal cunning our icons must have innately possessed. In conjunction with feeling perpetually crestfallen by not being born on the “right side of the fence”, it’s implied that we must remain forever vigilant whilst metaphysically manipulating the universe the into presenting us with these one-in-a-trillion storylines that will eventually ferment into an oscar winning film with a Hanz Zimmer scored soundtrack. In the meantime, while we attempt to channel the governing forces of time and space with binaural beats and meditation tips we adopt from YouTube, a trail of hope is lit, albeit dimly, by the gargantuan landscape of social media. LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter…I need not recite the list. They’ve long since become integral parts of a societal structure, in both personal and professional contexts. In conjunction with online networking, there’s a plethora of annual conventions, conferences and the like that serve as viable forums for interaction. You’re more than welcome to explore every facet at your disposal. Leave no stone unturned, no prospect overlooked and no event unattended. There’s certainly no harm that can come of it and you may very well forge some favorable relationships in the interim. But you’ll be fooling yourself by thinking that would be anywhere near enough. With that in mind, remain repeat the following to yourself as many times as needed:

Thoughts On Open Mic Nights

If you have gone to an Open Mic, you can agree with their usefulness as a tool for musicians. Here are some reasons to start/continue going:

Using Bandflare Relay To Airdrop Your Music

Bandflare Relay is a powerful music promotion tool which extends into the live sector. In a networking setting, musicians are often asked about their music. Using Airdrop and Bandflare Relay are the perfect solution.

DIY Album Release Checklist

There are a lot of tasks and moving parts involved in releasing an album. Listed below is the list I use to unsure everything is in order.

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